Spring is in the air…and plastic bags, too

April 23, 2011 at 4:09 pm Leave a comment

by Zach Glasser

Today it finally feels like spring in Evanston. After a week of bitter cold rain, it was nice to step out into the sunshine today on my way to the cafe. I may have spent my day indoors writing a paper, but at least I snagged a window seat.

As I looked longingly out onto the street (my staring became more and more frequent the longer I sat here), I noticed that, despite the warm weather today, there were no leaves on the trees. Now, I’m of the mindset that Evanston has the longest winters around, so that probably shouldn’t surprise me. What did surprise me, though was that instead of leaves in the trees, there were PLASTIC BAGS.

This is not a leaf. It is a bag.

Imagine my dismay to find this bag in the tree instead of leaves. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not what spring is all about. The epidemic of plastic bags in our cities couldn’t be more apparent when we start seeing things like this.

As I kept looking out the window, I saw more and more bags tangled in trees! I knew this was a phenomenon in some places, but I had just never noticed it here before. I was able to count no fewer than seven bags in four separate trees, just on this block alone.

You just can’t look at these pictures and tell me that this is okay. The plastic bags that are so ubiquitous in any shopping center are now, if today’s experience is to be believed, just as ubiquitous as leaf-replacement therapy for balding trees.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the No Impact Challenge, it’s how easy it is to go entirely bagless. My lifestyle doesn’t require plastic bags–I can bring my own reusable bag wherever I go. The convenience of using a plastic bag is so sorely outweighed by the negative impact they have–if they’re not filling up landfills or the ocean, they’re filling up trees–that there really are no more excuses.

Look! More bags!

Whether you read this blog for inspiration or because you simply enjoy our challenge, I encourage you to be observant next time you walk down the street. How many plastic bags are floating around up there? Do your part and bring your own bag when you go shopping and maybe our trees will grow some leaves this spring instead of plastic bags.


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