The Story of My Points

April 27, 2012 at 3:12 pm Leave a comment an evil disposable plastic container

As a second-time contestant in the No Impact Challenge this year, I had no worries. I’d done it before, so this time should have been a piece of cake. By Wednesday, I was doing fairly well, I thought. Taking a reusable bag to the grocery store has long been ingrained in my behavior, and as a coffee addict, I make mine at home in a mug or travel thermos. Because I live off-campus, it’s easy to buy groceries in bulk or large containers to avoid unnecessary packaging. My downfall came on Wednesday night, when my boyfriend and I decided to order in Joy Yee’s. The allure of late-night Chinese delivery was simply too great, and I had to give in to the deliciousness of crab rangoon and pad see ew in little plastic containers. As I reported my points the next day, I was struck by the number of disposables in just that one meal. (Of course, I will be reusing several of the containers too!)

The lesson I’ve learned is that being conscious of your footprint isn’t a one-time thing. You can’t think about it, forget it, and expect to keep reaping the benefits. Instead, it’s a never-ending process toward sustainability. And just like plastic bags in a landfill, we keep on having an impact on society’s sustainability. Unlike plastic bags, however, we are capable of changing our impact–both for the better and the worse. It’s up to us to start thinking like people rather than plastic bags.


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Day Four Results Thursday’s Points

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