Do paper towels and napkins count as a point?
Not for our 2012 challenge. While these items are a major source of waste, they proved to be a challenging item to log in 2011. For simplicity’s sake, we will not be counting them this year. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to reduce your use, though!

Does toilet paper count as a point?
No. “Hygiene items” do not count as a point.

Do tissues count as a point (even if you have a cold)?
Not for 2012.

If my lunch comes in a disposable container with a piece of wax paper lining the container, is it 1 or 2 points?
2 points. Count every piece of disposable packaging you receive.

Do “fun-sized” candy wrappers count?
Just as with tissues, count 1 point per day.

If I bought individually wrapped items (that are perishable — like yogurt), will I get a point if I eat them?
No, but any subsequent individually packaged items you buy will count.

When I finish a gallon of milk and dispose of the container, do I get a point?
No. You will not get a point for disposing of a container that was used multiple times.


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