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Need a Ruling… Pizza Box?

So my household ordered pizza tonight.  First order-out/delivery all week.  Do I take a point for the pizza delivery box?  

April 28, 2012 at 8:50 pm 3 comments

How I Do It…

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to avoid points…  One might say obsessing about it.  Part of it is wanting to be sure I of all people am ‘walking the walk’ & and part is a desire to be sure to beat my boss in this competition ;-).  I started the week by pulling out a stack of cloth napkins so I’d be sure to remember not to reach for paper at home (we compost napkins at home).  And I brought a dish towel & napkin in to work with me.  In general, I use Tupperware, bring my own lunch, make coffee at home & transport it in my mug & the rest of the day drink water, out of my reusable bottle.  I have stopped myself from reaching for a can of LaCroix, letting myself get take-out for lunch or going to the vending machine for an extra snack.  These aren’t things I do often but this week is making me considerably more aware of the impact of those activities.  Whether you are racking up points or keeping your score low, I’m sure all are becoming more aware of the waste we generate on a daily basis.  Awareness is the first step in behavior change so hopefully we’ll all walk away from this experience more apt to consider our actions & prone to avoiding unnecessary waste!

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