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So to be honest, I kind of thought this “challenge” would be pretty easy. I got all ready, put my hand towel in my backpack, and was ready to go all month without a single point (or maybe just less than 5). It turns out it wasn’t quite that easy. I have definitely already gotten more than the 5 points I was expecting. The first day I forgot to use the towel I had brought with me and accidentally took a paper one instead. And when my friend asked me to get $1 crepes with her at Norris I didn’t even think about the plate and fork until after I had ordered. It really is frustrating how easy it is to end up with one-use items. Now I think about it all the time though, which I guess might be good? And I probably wouldn’t even carry a hand towel with me if it weren’t for the challenge. So my hopes for this month are still high, but also a bit more realistic than before.

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No Impact Challenge for May 2012!

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