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Congratulations y’all! We’ve made it. The final results are posted below. Even if you accrued a few extra points during the week, remember that the challenge is about remembering what the most wasteful parts of our lives are and doing our best to correct them–stating on an individual level.

Without further ado…

The Final Results


April 29, 2012 at 6:58 pm 1 comment

Day Four Results

Sorry for the delay! Here are Wednesday’s impact results. Some of you are still hangin’ in there at ZERO. Bravo!


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Day Three: How DO you do it?!

I have to admire all of you zero-impacters out there. How do you do it? You must have a lot of will power because even when I think about it, sometimes I just can’t convince myself to forego that lemonade or that stick of gum.


Here’s a look at our Tuesday (Day 3) usage:

Day Three Results


So that means our rankings for the week so far are as follows:

  1. Amanda Myers, Caroline Coccoli, Isaac Alpert, and Julie Cahillane (tied for first with zero points)
  2. Alicia White, Madeleine Steger, and Jamie Weil (tied for second with 1 point)
  3. Andrew Hobaugh, Emma Lehmann, and Robert Whittier (tied for third with three points)
  4. Shelby Hatch
  5. Abby Gary
  6. Zach Glasser
  7. Chase Eck

The game isn’t over yet, though! Keep reducing your impact on a daily basis. And happy hump day!

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Day Two: Where do you stand?

Things are getting interesting! Some of us have managed to hold on to our zero-impact, while midterms seem to be forcing more than a few of us into disposable caffeine-intake methods on our late-night library visits.

Keep up the good work!


April 24, 2012 at 10:26 am Leave a comment

Day 1 Results!

All over the board on Day 1! We’ve only had one non-reporter so we can see pretty clearly where everybody stands in the competition. Surprisingly, lots of zero-impacters for Sunday, but also a few points scattered around.

Hopefully we will soon see downward trends in points-accumulation. I’ve often found that it is easier to stick to a sustainable regimen during the week than it is on the weekend, so I am curious to see if this group of competitors reinforces that observation or not.

What were your biggest challenges and where did your points come from, if you had any? If you didn’t have any, did you give anything up or alter your daily routine somehow? I know my point came from my passionate love affair with the pack of Diet Coke cans in my fridge. I didn’t realize I had gotten myself stuck with a point until I crumpled up the can and put it in the recycling bin!

Anyways, here is a graphic of our Day 1 results. Have a look for yourself!


The new points and total points are all the same for Day 1, but hopefully our total points bars don’t grow too much more throughout the week!


Good luck today! I look forward to a fresh round of reports tonight.

April 23, 2012 at 12:22 pm 1 comment

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day, y’all! Today is the day. Keep counting your points and checking in on our participants. I’m going to be posting each day’s results the next day. 

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No Impact Challenge is back for 2012!

The No Impact Challenge is back and better than ever for 2012! We have a great crop of new competitors who are ready to go zero-waste for a week and tell us all about it!

April 21, 2012 at 9:47 am 2 comments

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