Chelsea Corbin

Chelsea Corbin is a sophomore studying journalism and environmental policy & culture. I am from a small town outside of Louisville, Kentucky, and my favorite color is yellow. This is her second time participating in the NoImpact Challenge, after enjoying a rewarding experience last year. She can’t wait to get started!  

Chase Eck

Chase Eck is a sophomore at NU studying Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences and Economics. He is from Springfield, MO but was born in Anchorage, AK and has 3 brothers. He also really likes cats, dogs, and snow leopards. He has chosen to taken on the Challenge for the second month in a row!

Shelby Hatch has been part of the continuing lecturer faculty in the chemistry department since 2004.  As the Director of General Chemistry Laboratories, the 100-level chemistry laboratories are my main responsibility, but I also teach freshman seminars, courses for non-scientists, and upper-level chemistry courses.  She is also the faculty adviser to the Red Cross Club and Undergraduate Chemistry Council.  As a chemist, she is very aware that the chemical industry bears much of the blame for the “ungreening” of our communities and cities, but chemists and other scientists are simultaneously in a position to create new, green technologies. She considers herself to be a scientist-citizen and, as such, she is aware of how my individual choices intersect with the larger communities of which I am a part.  Shelby is an avid year-round bicycle commuter and is constantly evaluating how her decisions affect the planet.
Prof. Andrew Jacobson

Emma Lehmann

Emma Lehmann is a NU sophomore majoring in journalism.

Julie Cahillane

Julie Cahillane is NU’s recycling manager and an avid supporter of campus sustainability initiatives.

Robert Whittier

Robert Whittier  is NU’s newly appointed Sustainability Coordinator.

Andrew Hobaugh

Andrew Hobaugh is a NU senior majoring in Environmental Science. When he isn’t writing his thesis, he is probably napping or playing darts. You can usually find him in the reference section of the library.

Abby Gary

Abby Gary is a sophomore who is involved in every student group at NU. You should already know her.
Isaac Alpert is a sophomore who is probably studying Art History right now. You can follow him on twitter!

Jamie Weil

 Jamie Weil is a junior studying Economics and Urban Studies. She spent the fall in China and is ready to take on the 2012 No Impact Challenge in between stints as a youth hockey coach.

Zach Glasser

Zach Glasser is a junior Social Policy and History major. This is his second No Impact Challenge and he is in it to win it. No points for him!

Caroline Coccoli

Caroline Coccoli is a freshman at NU who is probably going to study Environmental Science. She is an active policy-writer at the Roosevelt Institute and is heavily involved in NUCHR, as well. When she isn’t thinking about global food policy issues, she is probably baking.

Alicia White

Alicia White is a junior Chemistry major and Roosevelt’s Co-Director for Energy and the Environment. This is her second No Impact Challenge and she is a formidable contender for the grand prize.

Madeleine Steger

Madeleine Steger, is a junior studying political science and environmental policy & culture. She is from Northern California, where it is okay to be a hippie and wear a lot of tie-dye. She is currently the incoming SEED co-chair and has been an active exec member in the past. This is her first time taking on the challenge, and she is very excited to start!

Amanda Myers

Amanda Myers, is a junior Political Science major with minors in BIP and Chinese Language. She is from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and enjoys being outdoors. After successfully completing the No Impact Challenge last year, she has agreed to take on the challenge again!

To see the players from the 2011 Challenge click here.

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