April Players

Zach Glasser

Zach  Glasser is a sophomore at Northwestern University studying Social Policy and History. He is excited to bring his travel mug and water bottle with him wherever he goes in order to compete in the No Impact Challenge.

Chase Eck

Chase Eck is a freshman at NU studying Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences and Economics.  He is from Springfield, MO but was born in Anchorage, AK and has 3 brothers. He also really likes cats, dogs, and snow leopards.

Paul Bourdillon

Paul Bourdillon is a sophomore at Northwestern studying Environmental Science and Global Health. His roommate will likely explode before the end of the challenge as a result of Paul’s innovative ‘No Plastic Left Behind’ household legislation.

Naomi Harris

Naomi Harris is a senior at Northwestern and a Political Science major and Environmental Policy and Culture Minor. In addition, Naomi serves as the Co-President of the Roosevelt Institute.  She enjoys baking babka, always winning Taboo, and spinning on tire swings.

Liz Miller

Liz Miller is a junior at Northwestern studying Radio/Television/Film and Environmental Policy and Culture.  She currently serves as the co-director of the Roosevelt Institute’s Center for Energy and the Environment. When she’s not working on projects like Bagless NU, she can usually be found dancing, thrifting, crafting, and trying to figure out how to freeload her way around the world.

Alicia White

Alicia White is a sophomore at Northwestern studying chemistry, political science, and history. Fueled by coffee, she can usually be seen riding around campus on her bright blue 1979 Schwinn, aka Mary.

Lisa Velkoff

Lisa Velkoff is a sophomore at Northwestern University studying psychology. She is a Co-Director of the Roosevelt Institute Center on Poverty and Urban Issues. Lisa’s most prized possessions are her Northwestern-emblazoned coffee mug and BPA-free water bottle.

Liz Derby

Liz Derby is a senior studying Political Science and History. She is the Marketing Chair for Roosevelt and BaglessNU. When not designing fliers, Liz likes watching Brothers and Sisters, reading the Huffington Post, and cross-stitching. She is ready for the No Impact Challenge and has already prepared an outfit to match her re-usable mug.

Andy Hobaugh

Andy Hobaugh is a junior environmental sciences major. Andy has great hair and a goofy face.  Along with Naomi, he is the other Co-President of Roosevelt. He enjoys golfing, Whoopi Goldberg, giving people nicknames, and getting the early bird special whenever he can.

Isaac Alpert

Isaac Alpert is a freshman studying anything and everything (slash he is undecided on a major). Isaac loves arts and crafts and has fond memories of his Martha Stewart and Me summer class in which he was the only boy.


Meghan Cavanaugh

Meghan Cavanaugh is a junior environmental science and political science major and enjoys Potbelly’s turkey sandwiches and milkshakes, although the consumption has decreased drastically since the beginning of the “No Impact Challenge.”

Alix Hallen

Alix Hallen is a senior studying Political Science. Along with Liz, she currently serves as the co-director of the Roosevelt Institute’s Center for Energy and the Environment.  When she’s not working on her thesis, you can find Alix kicking ass and taking names. She will be attending law school in the fall.

Guest Bloggers

Jackie Beard

Jackie Beard is a senior (well, technically a graduate) at NU studying Environmental Sciences and Gender Studies.  She is a militant bee enthusiast and can be found snooping around your backyard looking for edible wild plants to make into pesto.


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  • 1. A.french  |  April 26, 2011 at 12:34 am

    what a jolly crew of people.


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